50 years later, still the best hand job in town



what we offer you

Experience New York's finest in cleaning with our industry-leading technology coupled with human precision and touch. Whether it be garment, bridal,  home interior care, or restoration, our professional team is dedicated to providing expertise and exemplary customer service.



What's a home or business without a mess? We handle cleaning the things that you value.



Cleaning and tailoring your garments with a sprinkle of the Meurice touch.



Why sit on that two year waitlist for a new Birkin bag when we can restore yours like new?





Not from New York? Create an account, and mail in your garments to us from anywhere. The best hand job in New York is meant to be shared and experienced by all.

Service fee applies.






Silver - machine-press finish
Gold - hand-iron touch up

Platinum - full hand-iron finish

Shirt Silver                   9.32 & up
Shirt Gold                   14.73 & up
Shirt Platinum           35.30 & up

Dry Cleaning

Shirt                             35.30 & up
Skirts                            28.87 & up
Dresses                        51.37 & up

Suit Jacket                   35.30 & up
Suit Pants                    24.59 & up
Ties                               24.21 & up

Sweaters                      31.00 & up
Sport Coat                 37.40 & up
Down Jacket            169.00 & up

Household Cleaning

*Bedding set includes two pillow cases,
a flat, and a fitted sheet.

Silver - machine-press finish
Platinum - hand-ironed finish

Queen bedding set
Silver                                60.00 & up
Platinum                         114.00 & up

King Bedding Set
Silver                                70.00 & up
Platinum                         136.00 & up

Queen Duvet Covers
Silver                                50.00 & up
Platinum                          90.00 & up

King Duvet Covers
Silver                                60.00 & up
Platinum                          112.00 & up

Tablecloths                    13.00/ft & up

Bridal Services

Clean & Press                 589.00 & up
Alterations                       by quote
Clean & Preserve          831.00 & up
Vintage Restoration      953.00 & up

Handbag Services

Wallet / Clutch              46.00 & up
Small handbag                134.00 & up
Med. handbag                174.00 & up
Large handbag               187.00 & up
Oversize bag                   225.00 & up

Leather & Suede

Cleaning & Reconditioning
Jackets                            230.00 & up
Coats                              400.00 & up
Stain repel                     59.00 & up
Shoes                              48.30 & up


All prices listed are base prices. There may be additional charges applied for delicate fabrics, ornamentation, and methods of processing. Fragile buttons removed and re-sewn for a nomial fee. Ask Meurice, our Customer Experience chat representative, in the corner if you have further questions.